Sunday, June 18, 2006

Some More Meta-Blogging

I try to keep this blog about the Slums of Shaolin rather than about me, but a few random salient points:

- I've been slow on updates lately. I really do plan to make this blog two updates/week. That should start soon, but lately I've been way busy with travelling, Visa red-tape, and studying lingo. I should have an update tommorow and another a few days after that, and I'll get to work correcting errors in earlier updates.

- A lot of the photos are now being taken with my cool new Panasonic FZ7! It definitely should result in better pictures in a wider range of settings, and the super-zoom is very handy. I still use my old Canon A510 because it fits in the pocket easier. I also got a camera cell phone, the quality sucks but it's a good spycam so I'll probably use it from time to time.

- Probably everybody reading this from China knows about Anonymouse, which easily allows one to circumvent Chinese censorship. For those who use the Firefox browser, I found an add-on that makes using Anonymouse a simple right-click.

- Big ups to Shanghai blogger Micah Sittig, who has referred to this blog a few times and subsequently gotten me mentioned in UCB's conservative student newspaper, among other places.

- Don't know if it will interest a single person who isn't related to me, but I'm looking into giving this blog a vanity-press run if it's cheap & easy to set up. More later if that happens.

- If anybody is reading this from Shanghai and wants to jam the Hawaiian music, give a holler either to jeff oaktowncrack com or as a response on this page. If anybody has anything they're interested in me writing about, the same.

- I won't blog about it, but here are my photos to Zhujiajiao, a water-town near Shanghai.

- For those in Shanghai, I noticed bootlegs of "Suzhou River" at the video store on 42 Tianlin St., near Qinzhou St. I believe it's the best Shanghai movie ever, and worth a watch. I'm sure you can find it elsewhere, but on the other hand it is officially banned in China and I hadn't seen it around before. I've mentioned this movie before on the blog.

- Last but certainly not least, congratulations to Tina, Libor, Dave, Emiko, & Sophia on coming nuptials!

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