Saturday, April 21, 2007

Wujiang Lu, Redux

Shutter (shŭt'ər) tr.v. - To cause to cease operations; close down

This is a quick second take at Wujiang Lu, which I blogged about late last year.

This second look is because I said the street was recently shuttered to make way for the construction of a ghost mall, which was an exaggeration. The street is still going strong and is still one of the funner places to stroll in Shanghai, particularly for hungry ghosts!

What did get changed is that the small booths in the middle of the road were removed. They sold books, clothes, and a large variety of street foods, look at the previous update to see more info on this. Before you could barely make your way through all the people, now it's a lot less crowded:

But to be honest it's hard to say how much is due to there being a smaller amount of people, and how much is because there's no longer the constant bottlenecks. I'd guess it's about midway between the two. There's still a lot of restaurants, many of which sell directly from the storefront. And the more popular ones still have people lining up:

And a lot of the same snacks can be found. So I'd love to say the street is different, but not much worse - unfortunately while I think that's currently true, it won't be for long. There's hotels and shopping centers going up nearby, word on the street is the small restaurants will be closing down to make way for fashion shops! The process hasn't started yet,though, and people gotta eat, so hopefully it won't go through. It's hard to photograph speculations, so here's a funny new bronze statue I saw:

I'm not sure where all the small food stalls went. A very few of them apparently moved to Beijing Lu's Fashion Mall, which has a few new sellers - I'll talk about that in the near future. I've heard they went to Yunnan Lu, but I was there recently and it didn't look any different - anyway with narrow sidewalks and roads open to traffic, that would be difficult to arrange.

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