Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hawai'i Calls

I haven't updated my blog in a while purely because I am in the alien environment of Honolulu! I'll have wise words to say soon, in the meantime check out which Chinese chain has made its way halfway across the Pacific:

For those not in the know, it's a clothing chain store that is all around the trendy areas of Shanghai. I looked around the Honolulu location and it didn't look so great, but I'm no fashionista and I'll have to return with someone who is. Also interesting is the backwards Chinese, reading Tang Hai Shang - it doesn't go along with Shanghai's Shanghai Tang, and Chinese signs in Honolulu go forwards, but signs in Scenes of City Life did often read right to left. I wish there was somebody I could ask about that.

There's a little more of Shanghai over here, but in general even the things that are brand-named Shanghai don't have so much of a connection. This restaurant offered xiaolongbao, but aside from that was some kind of Asian fusion.

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