Tuesday, March 10, 2009

State of the Blog Address

I've built up a small queue of stories and pictures, and I've decided to have regular updates on Wednesdays and Sundays mid-day (Shanghai time). I think I can stick to that for a ways. I might also have occasional small updates on other days, if I feel like it.

This blog is driven by the pictures I take, and I've largely re-converted back to film cameras. Unfortunately, I broke my film scanner by plugging it into a 220 volt source! Oh man! There's photo labs in Shanghai that scan film, but they're pretty sorry and a little expensive. So until I get a new scanner, that'll have an influence on what kind of updates I have, or sometimes just the quality of pictures I put up - particularly with my upcoming updates about SE Asia.

I welcome comments and suggestions about what type of updates to post, I'm interested to hear from anybody who follows suggestions made on this blog, and I'm dying to meet people who want to jam old-school Hawaiian music! Either post a reply, or send an email to jeff oaktowncrack com.

And while I'm at it, I noticed that a few old Shanghai movies will be screened at The Glamour Bar the next couple Sundays at 6:30 pm - "Street Angel" on the 15th, and "Crossroads" on the 22nd. They're both tops, especially Street Angel. It's 65 kuai, I believe the price includes a drink. The movies are also freely available for download off archive.org, I have an earlier post with the links.

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