Monday, June 08, 2009

Back Like Disco

Blogger and Blogspot are still blocked in China - I guess Blogspot's long history of initiating riots is being held against it? Anyway I finally broke down and got myself a proxy, so expect to have updates coming soon, hopefully later today. I'll try to get back on a regular schedule.

I'm still contemplating getting a separate host for the blog, like hostgator. I hesitate, because I'm pretty much 100% happy with the blogspot software, and converting the blog over would be a huge time-waster, and ha ha I don't want to spend the money! But of course this is a China blog, and if it can't be accessed in China...

Finally, I'll probably roll out a separate blog about modern Chinese literature, in the next couple weeks.


Micah Sittig said...

What period of time do you mean by "modern Chinese literature"? Some people use that phrase for 1910-1950 or so… If you mean the current day, that would be the second of its kind that I know of, after Paper Republic.

Jeff Rutsch said...

The plan is on literature written after the Cultural Revolution, but perhaps with detours back to Lu Xun or really anything I feel like.

Perhaps the blog will be even more self-indulgent than this one. I study Chinese and I'm trying to get better at reading & translating Chinese literature. Having a related blog would make for good practice, and hopefully others would find it interesting as well.

The Paper Republic site is great, but isn't quite what I have in mind - for one thing, the people there are probably a lot smarter than I am :)